Missional Communities

Missional communities are the primary means to discipleship, community, and mission at The Well.  We believe that discipleship and mission are most effective when lives are shared in gospel-centered communities.  Missional communities are smaller groups of people that meet in a variety of contexts to encourage one another and to know God more.  They meet in homes, parks, restaurants, and various other places.  They meet for meals, to hang out, study the Bible, pray, and to just have fun together.

As a community of people, they live missionaly by adopting ways in which they can love and serve the people of  the greater community in which they live.  Missional communities seek to become a visible and tangible representation of the love of God and the grace of His Son Jesus Christ.

Whether you are a part of The Well Longmont or simply desire to check out a biblical community, our hope is that you would join one of our missional communities.


One of the context in which our Missional Communities meet is in Dig Groups.  These are groups of 2-5 people and are designed to be a setting for studying the Bible, prayer, and for more personal care for one another.  Within each Missional Community there are multiple Dig Groups meeting throughout the week at various times.  


Click here for DIG Group Resource Material.

For more information about Missional Communities or Dig Groups contact us at info@longmontwell.org.